Windows XP Unknown Device – What are the Causes and Solutions?

Unknown Device turns out to be a very common issue for PC users using the Windows XP Operating System. Several of the effects of this device related problem are a hardware device malfunctioning, inoperable hardware device, and computer instability. The main causes of Windows XP Unknown Device problems are incompatible device drivers, corrupted device drivers, and outdated device drivers.

Unknown Device XP

Considering the causes mentioned above, we highly recommend using a driver update software that offers an instant solution to solve device driver related problems or to prevent them from taking place on your computer. One of the best driver update software is Driver Detective, which offers reliable solutions for Unknown Device Driver Problems in Windows XP. Here are several of the benefits offered by Driver Detective:

Unknown Device XP Instant Fix Benefits

Considering the above benefits and features of Driver Detective, you might want to experience several of them by running a Free Driver Scan on your computer. Here is an example of results after running the Driver Detective free-scan in Windows XP:

Device Scan Results

“Scan Summary” is the first category displayed on the top of the scan results, which also reports a number of Unknown Devices in XP as “Devices with no drivers” (yellow color). “Out of date drivers” pertain to hardware devices that have outdated, incompatible or corrupted device drivers which need to be reinstalled and replaced with up-to-date drivers. You may try to use the provided hardware information below the summary and manually search and try to download your device drivers online by going to manufacturers’ websites (this may take a while), or you can purchase a one-year Driver Detective license for $29.95, which is good for 10 computers, and fix these issues instantly.

Let us spend a few more moments discussing the causes mentioned earlier to further realize the advantages of using Driver Detective to fix all outdated and corrupted drivers, including Unknown Device Problems in Windows XP compared to doing it manually.

Corrupted Device Drivers

System related errors and computer viruses can corrupt device drivers and cause unstable device operation. This may result in seeing Unknown Device listed in XP Device Manager.

Outdated Device Drivers

Your current device drivers might have been the latest when you purchased your Operating System, but they may be outdated after a few weeks or months. As programs that maintain the link between your computer and hardware devices, it is very important to update your device drivers if you want to prevent issues with Windows XP Unknown Device. If you continue to install the latest software applications or use the latest trends of hardware or portable devices without bothering to check and update your device drivers, you will end up experiencing slower computer performance or instability of hardware devices. This might be due to some new features of software or hardware devices that your outdated device drivers do not support.

Incompatible Device Drivers

Updating each of your device drivers is a very serious process because there are thousands of device drivers available online, and you might end up installing the wrong drivers resulting in an incompatible device drivers issue. This Unknown Device Issue in XP has similar effects with corrupted or outdated device drivers. For example: downloading a 64-bit driver for your graphic or video card instead of 32-bit device driver may result in disorientation of colors, animations, resolution, etc. In other cases, Windows XP Unknown Device due to an incompatible device driver may also render a component of your computer unusable, such as unusable USB ports, or soundless computer because of incompatible sound card driver.

If you decide to search manually for drivers online, you have to make sure you go to the right place so you don’t end up with corrupted, outdated or incompatible drivers. In addition, there is also a risk of downloading drivers bundled with viruses. Having said that, we only recommend you search for these drivers on the official hardware manufacturer websites.

Recognizing several of the risks and dangers of Unknown Device related issues in Windows XP, you must conclude the importance of solving and preventing these problems. The best and most effective way is to use Automatic Driver Update Software, and as mentioned earlier in our discussion, Driver Detective is highly recommended to solve Windows XP Unknown Device problems.

Unknown Device XP Driver Scan