Unknown Device Report

This is a special section of our website that will be dealing with devices which at first appeared as unknown devices or problematic devices in Device Manager. We will be searching various forums and blogs across the Internet for the reports about unknown devices and the steps undertaken to fix these problems. We hope that the reports we will be posting on our website will be helpful and will include a solution for your unknown or problematic device. You will notice that most of the unknown device or problematic device problems are missing or corrupted driver related.

Razer DeathAdder Driver

Razer Death Adder is one of the models of Razer PC mice, but despite being superior to ordinary desktop or PC mice, PC users with Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse are still being troubled by device driver related issues. This report will consider some of the issues that have been encountered by PC users regarding their problematic Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse, and possible options that you can consider to fix this hardware device problem. In addition, helpful tips that can aid you in fixing other device driver related problems will also be discussed.


IDT/Sigmatel Audio Device Driver

What if you have hardware device problem such as IDT/Sigmatel Audio Device driver related problem? This report will consider some of the possible causes of such hardware device problems, and how to solve it. An actual example of solving IDT/Sigmatel Audio Device driver trouble has also been provided to help you solve your audio driver issues.


Intel HD Graphics Driver Issues

There are many Intel HD Graphics driver related issues that have been reported by PC users, and these issues are can be troublesome to solve. This report will discuss the recommended option to solve Intel HD Graphics driver issues and several of the problems that have been resolved through this option. Other possible reasons why you might encounter a graphics/display problem on your computer will also be discussed.


How to Fix ACPI/SMO8800 Unknown Device in Dell PC Laptops

Like other computer models, Dell PC users are also being bothered by unknown device issues on their PCs. This report will discuss and show an actual example of downloading the required drivers for ACPI/SMO8800 Unknown Device, including a recommended option to fix multiple unknown device issues with ease.