Unknown Device Code 43 – What is It and How to Fix It?

Unknown Device Code 43 is a hardware device trouble that PC users might encounter, either while using their PC or while using the functions of a hardware device. A typical scenario is when a USB device (such as USB mouse, printer, and any kind of USB devices) just stops functioning so suddenly.

Error Code 43 is one of the most common error codes, and its description in Device Manager states that “Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43).”

Reasons and How to Fix Unknown Device Error Code 43

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Unknown Device Properties Code 43

Unknown Device Properties Code 43

This Code 43 error can be experienced by PC users who use Windows 7, Vista, or even XP. Aside from inability to use the functions of a hardware device, it may also cause permanent damage in a PC’s system if troubles with Error Code 43 unknown device were left unfixed. For example, it may cause sudden or frequent Blue Screen of Death (BSoD), random computer restarts, and sudden hang-ups.

Reasons and How to Fix Unknown Device Error Code 43

  • Corrupted Device Drivers

Device drivers can be corrupted or deleted due to system errors resulting from frequent failure of installed programs or applications in a computer. It can also be due to internal driver errors, where the drivers have been “worn out” – requiring reinstallation of device drivers. Sometimes, computer viruses can also corrupt or delete drivers of a specific device.

To solve troubles with unknown device error code 43 in Windows 7, Vista, or XP due to corrupted drivers, the required drivers must be reinstalled (such as USB device drivers for printers).

  • Outdated Device Drivers

Hardware device troubles might also occur so suddenly when a computer application detects that the drivers of a hardware device are already outdated /obsolete. This is because the minimum requirements are being checked by computer programs or applications, including the versions of hardware device drivers.

To fix error code 43 unknown device troubles due to outdated drivers, the existing drivers must be updated or an updated version of required drivers must be installed.

Unfortunately, in attempts to fix unknown device error code 43 by downloading and installing updated versions of device drivers, PC users end up with another conflict – installing wrong or incompatible drivers. Some online forums talk about PC users with error code 43 problems caused by installing wrong/incompatible device drivers. Obviously, to fix this, PC users must install the correct drivers from the official website of the hardware device manufacturer, and make sure that the drivers are compatible with their OS-type – if it’s Windows 7, Vista or XP, and if it’s 32-bit or 64-bit compatible.

Easy Way to Fix Error Code 43

Unknown Device Error Code 43 is really troublesome hardware device issue, but the great news is the availability of sophisticated driver update and repair software. We recommend Driver Detective which will automate the search and download of updated, correct, and compatible device drivers. This Error Code 43 Fix option will save PC users from frustrations and dangers that come with finding, downloading, and installing wrong and incompatible drivers.

Unknown Device Code 43 Easy Fix