Unknown Device ACPI

ACPI devices are defined by the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) Specification which include low-level system devices such as batteries, power buttons, and thermal controls. Any device related issues with these system devices such as Unknown Device ACPI are very critical problems that you need to solve in order to maintain the ideal functionality and stability of your computer. Most experiences with ACPI Unknown Device issues point that they are device driver related. One of such problems is ACPI ATK0110 unknown device. Considering this fact, we highly recommend the use of Automatic Driver Update Software, and the perfect example of such software is Driver Detective.

Several Benefits of Driver Detective:

  • Driver Detective automatically scans all the hardware devices on your computer, including the ACPI hardware devices. It will include any hardware device causing any unnecessary problems or errors on your computer, rest assured that it will detect the ACPI device drivers to cure or prevent Unknown Device ACPI.
  • Unknown Device ACPI Free Scan

  • Product of DriversHQ, a Microsoft Certified Partner, an excellent acknowledgment that proves that Driver Detective is certified, reliable, and a tested product. It keeps track on more than 4,000 software applications and over 3,000 hardware vendors and these numbers are still growing.
  • Most importantly, it supports ACPI device drivers, so you don’t need to take risks from downloading them manually because Driver Detective will recommend the latest and most compatible driver for your computer to solve your unknown device problem with ACPI devices. For examples: “Dialogue Flybook V35i ACPI Device v2.3.0.1”, “Intel Test and Debug 1 – 2B4C v9.1.1.1013”, “TOSHIBA tos_sps64 Driver v6.10.101.16”.

These are only some of the benefits that Driver Detective offers when it comes to device related issues.

Let us now consider several of the ACPI Unknown Device related issues and the risks of having such problems on your computer.

ACPI Unknown Device Issues:

As mentioned, ACPI devices include system devices, so any Unknown ACPI device problem on your computer is a serious matter. You may distinguish if the unknown device on your computer is an ACPI device by the Device Instance ID/Path. This alphanumeric data includes the IDs of your unknown device and the word “ACPI” is included if it is an ACPI device. You can view the Device Instance ID/Path by going to your Device Manager, click the “Start Button”, right click “My Computer” or “Computer” (naming convention depends of your Windows OS), click “Manage”, and then click “Device Manager”. Right click the “unknown device” (marked by a warning sign), click “Properties”, click “Details” tab, and then on the drop-down menu click the “Device Instance ID” for XP or Device Instance Path for Vista/Windows®7. The alphanumeric date will be provided, for example: ACPI\ATK0110\1010110.
If you happen to have an Unknown Device ACPI on your computer, here are several risks you may have experienced already:

  • Annoying process of scanning for solutions every time you start or boot your computer because of ACPI related Unknown Device issues. If you are experiencing this problem, you need to wait until the scanning process ends, and even after Windows prompts you that the scan was successful, there is a big possibility that it will happen again and again until you fix the problem with your Unknown ACPI Device.
  • Aside from the additional waiting time during the “error scanning and fixing process”, some of your startup programs might be disabled. It may also make your applications unrecognized by Windows, scenarios like warning signs that you need to turn on or start an application to be able to continue with a computer related activity even though that application was displayed to be working (warning message like: you need to start your WiFi even though its already running). Another impact of Unknown issues of ACPI Device is having a properly working sound card but it will just mute all of a sudden.
  • Another problem caused by Unknown Device ACPI is the “blue-screen of death” (BSoD), which you may experience all of a sudden after several hours of usage of your computer. For example: while playing your favorite game, the game will suddenly stop then an error message will pop-out, and all of a sudden your computer will reboot. After the reboot, you will have the message that there occurred some problem and your OS needs to recover or needs to check your computer for any errors. The worst case is a freeze state of BSoD, which will prevent you to log-in as a computer-user or even as the computer administrator.

Bearing in mind several of these issues, you must rely on an Automatic Driver Update/Repair Software which will help you to cure and prevent Unknown Device ACPI from occurring on your computer. Try and experience Driver Detective, Run a Free Scan Now as the first step to secure the ideal performance of your computer.

Unknown Device ACPI Driver Scan