Razer DeathAdder Driver Issue – How to Fix It?

This post will talk about how to fix Razer DeathAdder driver related issues. We will consider some of the problems reported by PC users in computer related forums about their Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse or with other Razer PC mice, and some of the options they have undergone to fix this  unknown device driver problem.

If you have a gaming mouse such as Razer DeathAdder, which is currently more than $50 USD, you will definitely agree that is very important to find out the reason behind any malfunction and to fix this problem as soon as possible. On the other hand, even other PC users who use inexpensive PC mice will definitely try to fix their hardware device problem before considering a replacement.

So far, the best option suggested by PC users who also encountered some problems with their Razer DeathAdder and even other gaming mouse such as Razer Mamba is to ask for a replacement, but only if you happen to encounter this issue before the warranty period of your Razer gaming mouse expires. Otherwise, you will definitely need to fix your hardware device problem as soon as possible.

Razer DeathAdder Driver automatic download

Some of the most common issues reported by PC users in computer related forums include sudden pop-up warning messages indicating that one of their USB devices have malfunctioned or they have an Unknown USB Device issue. Such warning messages will lead to inability to use Razer DeathAdder mouse properly or it will not function at all.

Some PC users have been able to fix this issue by reattaching their Razer gaming mouse on their computer or by rebooting their PC before reattaching their PC mouse. On the other hand, some PC users mentioned that they keep on experiencing PC malfunction after a while or just before they reattached their PC mouse.

Like other PC users, you can also experience difficulty to control your PC mouse all of a sudden even though there are no warning messages that your mouse has malfunctioned.  Some of the problems include inability to use the scroll but you can use one or both the left and right click, the functions of the left and right click have been interchanged/swapped, inability to move the mouse pointer (no response) even though you can use the scroll or left/right clicks, and vice versa.

To make sure that your problem is device driver related, you can also check your Device Manager if your mouse or one of your USB devices or controllers are marked by a yellow warning symbol. If you do have an Unknown Device in Device Manager like other PC users, this could mean that the device driver of your Razer DeathAdder is either outdated, corrupted, or there are unfixed bugs/issues with you current Razer DeathAdder driver.

Take note that the updated driver of Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse will fix more than just outdated or corrupted device driver issues. For example, the Razer DeathAdder Windows Driver V3.05 is noted to fix issues such as the swapping of left and right button, inability to move the mouse pointer, and the updated version of driver is now compatible with all the Razer DeathAdder Editions. So, the option, definitely,  worthy of your time is to update you Razer DeathAdder mouse driver to fix your Razer DeathAdder driver issues.

You can visit the official website of Razer which is http://www.razerzone.com/. In the official website of Razer, you just need to hover your mouse over the Support tab, and then select “Drivers, Software, and Manuals” to access the Download Categories of Razer Products.

razer deathadder driver download

Click the folder labelled Razer Mice Products, select Razer DeathAdder(s) folder, and then select the folder labelled Razer DeathAdder or click the other folders that best describes your DeathAdder mouse such as Razer DeathAdder 3.5G, Razer DeathAdder 3.5G Black Edition, and Razer Mac DeathAdder. If you are using Windows OS, you need to make sure that you will not download the drivers from the folder labelled as Razer Mac DeathAdder to prevent incompatibility issues.

razer deathadder driver download 2

Click your DeathAdder folder, click Drivers folder, and then click the Download link of the Razer DeathAdder Windows Driver v3.05 to start download. After downloading the device driver file, you can then install it on your PC, and hopefully the driver update installation will fix your Razer DeathAdder driver issues.

If you have multiple unknown devices or problematic device problems in your PC’s Device Manager, you may want to consider the automatic option, which will save your precious time and energy.

Unknown Razer DeathAdder Drivers Automatically