Intel HD Graphics Driver Issues – How to Fix Them?

The most common issues regarding Intel HD Graphics Cards include performance regression while playing 3D and high-end games, screen hang-ups and freezing, screen jittering and flickering, inability to change screen resolution, game and even screen crashes, random PC reboots, Blue Screen of Death, and many more. With such issues, there are many forum threads online discussing one or more specific graphics driver problems, but there seems to only be one possible solution for most of them. This option is to update the currently installed Intel HD graphics driver or to install the latest version of the graphics driver on your computer.

For example, the latest version of Intel Graphics Driver Software released during the second quarter of 2012, version, is expected to resolve many issues that have been reported by PC users in the official online forum threads of Intel Graphics Software and other computer related forums. Some of the issues that are expected to be solved by this driver update include:

  1. PC crashes after changing the video mode resolution while playing Crysis 2
  2. Sudden crashes while playing Lost Planet 2 in DirectX 11 mode
  3. No audio output after waking the computer from Sleep state or while using an external monitor
  4. Flickering and noise issues after closing and re-opening the laptop’s lid
  5. Unchangeable rotation settings
  6. Code 0x116 after waking the computer from sleep state
  7. many more

On the other hand, there are still many unresolved Intel HD Graphics Driver issues being reported by many PC users, some are new issues observed through new software applications and games, while others are old issues that are still waiting to be fixed. But despite the unresolved graphics related issues, it is still highly recommended to make sure that your graphics/display device driver is up-to-date because of the provided fixes to bugs and driver related problems as listed above.

Another reason why you must install up-to-date drivers on your computer is because the official driver providers such as Intel are continuing to provide updates for the performance of their graphics card. This means that there are possibilities that fixes for the current unresolved issues may be provided by one of the upcoming driver updates.

So if you are experiencing graphics or display related issues on your computer, you must try to update your Intel HD Graphics device driver and observe if your issues will be fixed. (This option is recommended for all graphics card devices, no matter which Manufacturer they belong.)

Aside from the graphics driver, drivers required by other devices such as Ethernet and sound card may also contribute to the supposedly graphics/display driver issues. For example, your screen will freeze or hang-up while you are playing online games or while using online-based software applications if you have Ethernet device driver problems. Thus, it is also important to make sure that all of your device drivers are up-to-date to avoid hardware device driver issues.

Checking if there are updates for the device drivers installed on your computer can be a tiresome task if you will perform it manually. The good news is that you can check and download driver updates with ease, and to lean more, Click Here.