Fix Unknown Device Driver Problems with Ease

Driver Detective, an automatic driver update and repair tool, is the product of PC Driver Headquarters (Microsoft Certified Partner). It was designed with the idea to save you time and energy, and to eliminate the guesswork associated with trying to resolve driver related issues, including identifying and finding the right and compatible drivers for unknown devices. In addition, you get to automatically update all outdated device drivers, which can also cause PC performance issues.

Unknown Device Driver Autmatic Solution

You can experience Driver Detective first hand by running a Free Driver Scan to discover all problematic devices and outdated drivers, including unknown device drivers!

Below is the example of the scan results for a laptop that had problems with Unknown Devices and outdated drivers. During the scan process, the Driver Detective was able to effectively locate the correct drivers in its comprehensive driver library, and it was even able to determine the correct drivers for four Unknown Devices, using its sophisticated Driver Scanning Engine!

Driver Detective Scan

To understand this tool a bit better you can watch this video and after that you can read about some key benefits right below the video.

Driver Detective 1


DriverDetective Key Benefits:

  • Save Time and Energy – “Time is Money.” How much time can you really spare to fix driver problems and find the right drivers for all of your devices? Let Driver Detective do the work for you!
  • Quick and EffectiveHow long will it take you to determine the manufacturers and the right drivers for all problematic and unknown devices on your PC? It will take about one to two minutes for Driver Detective to do it for you!
  • Very Practical – Are you planning to upgrade your OS any time soon or in the future (e.g from Windows Vista to Windows 7), or you want to create a backup of your drivers? Let the Driver Detective automatically download all the latest drivers for you and assist you in creating a backup or migration CD (you can even store the drivers on your USB flash drive or network drive).
  • Free Customer Support – Are you someone who doesn’t know much about PCs, or you’re struggling with a really tough driver problem? No worries. Driver Detective’s customer support will assist you.

If you value your time, you will recognize the benefits of Driver Detective after running a Free Driver Update/Problem Scan.