Dell Inspiron Drivers – How to Update Them?

From time to time, Dell PC users like you are being bothered by unknown device driver related issues. These issues include inability to use the features of a hardware device/computer component, computer hang-ups and freezing, computer instability and drop in performance, and registry/system errors. The reasons for these computer problems may also be device driver related. The two most common instances are when the drivers are not yet installed to your Dell Inspiron computer or the installed drivers have been outdated.

To solve these issues, you can try to install the drivers from your Dell Inspiron Drivers Utility CD, but if the device driver related issues will not be fixed after installing the drivers, then you will need to install an updated version of the required device drivers. Also, if you don’t have the Drivers Utility CD, you will need to search online for the correct and updated device drivers. The safest place where you can search and download the correct device drivers for your Dell Inspiron is the official website of Dell, which is

To start your quest in updating the device drivers of your Dell Inspiron computer (regardless what model you have), you must first check your Device Manager for helpful details. If you have never tried viewing your Device Manager, you can view it by clicking the Start button, then right-click Computer or My Computer, select Properties, and then click Device Manager. Look for the unknown hardware devices, and remember or write-down the device name provided by the Device Manager. If you have a problematic device labeled with specific names such as Ethernet Controller, Audio Device, Video Controller, USB device, etc, then you will have less trouble fixing your hardware device issue (A possible view of your Device Manager can be seen below). On the other hand, you will have hard time identifying which device requires driver installation if the problematic device is labeled as an Unknown Device.

After checking your Device Manager for possible useful details, you can now visit the official website of Dell. In the main page, go to the bottom part and click the link labeled as Drivers & Downloads. In the new webpage, choose your preferred options from ‘Support for Home Users’, ‘Support for Small Businesses’, and ‘Support for Enterprise IT’. After choosing your preferred option, you will be asked if you have a Service Tag or Express Service Code, and if yes, you can enter and submit it. If you don’t know your Service Tag, you can let it be detected automatically, but this option requires you to run Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher.

You can also manually choose your Products and Services by logging into your Dell account, but you can just manually choose from the list of Dell products. If you will manually choose from the list of Dell, you will need to select your Product Type if it is ‘Desktops’, ‘Laptops’, ‘Servers, Storage, & Networking’, ‘Printers and Imaging Solutions’, ‘Monitors, Electronics, & Peripherals’, and ‘Tablets and Model Devices’.

Of course, Dell Inspiron either falls between the Product Type of ‘Desktops’ and ‘Laptops’. After choosing your Product Type, you will need to select your model, and in your case it is Inspiron. And then, you will need to specify which Dell Inspiron you have. After specifying the model of your Dell Inspiron, you will now need to specify your Operating System, and then you can choose which device drivers (Audio, Video, Serial ATA drivers, etc) you will need to download and install on your PC.

But what if one or more of your problematic devices are labeled as an Unknown Device? If that is the case, you won’t be able to specify which device drivers to install on your computer. You can try to install all the driver updates provided in the official website of Dell for your Dell Inspiron computer by trial-and-error approach until there are no more unknown devices listed in the Device Manager. But, there is no guarantee that you will be able to fix your unknown device issue by that approach. That is the reason why many Dell PC users are being frustrated in finding the correct device drives for their unknown devices.

On the other hand, you can always use the aid of a reliable Automatic Driver Update Software in finding the correct drivers for your unknown devices, and you won’t need to waste your time and energy in searching blindly online to identify your Unknown Devices. We highly recommend Driver Detective software for this job, and to learn more, you can read our article entitled “Fix Unknown Device Driver Problems with Ease.”

So, if you have device driver related issues with your Dell Inspiron computer, such as unknown device in Windows 7, the safest place where you can search and download device drivers is the official website of Dell, considering that you know which hardware device needs driver update installation. On the other hand, if you don’t know the identity of your Unknown Device, you can always use the aid of Driver Detective to automatically identify your problematic device and download the correct device drivers for your Dell Inspiron computer.

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