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How to Fix ACPI/SMO8800 Unknown Device in Dell PC Laptops

Problematic devices listed and labelled as ‘Unknown Device’ in the Device Manager have been a troublesome issue for Dell PC users. One of these problematic devices commonly encountered on Dell PC models is the hardware device with a device ID property value: ACPI/SMO8800. This report will quickly discuss how to fix this hardware device problem, […]

Intel HD Graphics Driver Issues – How to Fix Them?

The most common issues regarding Intel HD Graphics Cards include performance regression while playing 3D and high-end games, screen hang-ups and freezing, screen jittering and flickering, inability to change screen resolution, game and even screen crashes, random PC reboots, Blue Screen of Death, and many more. With such issues, there are many forum threads online […]

High Definition Audio Device Driver Issue – IDT/SigmaTel Audio Device

This article will speak about how to fix audio device driver related issues, specifically IDT or SigmaTel HD-Audio Driver problems. We will consider some of the problems encountered by other PC users together with some of the options and helpful tips for fixing this unknown device problem. But before everything else, you must take note […]

Razer DeathAdder Driver Issue – How to Fix It?

This post will talk about how to fix Razer DeathAdder driver related issues. We will consider some of the problems reported by PC users in computer related forums about their Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse or with other Razer PC mice, and some of the options they have undergone to fix this  unknown device driver problem. […]

Unknown Device Error Codes – Part 1

This is the first of the two post that will discuss useful information regarding the error codes associated with unknown devices and other problematic devices displayed in Device Manager of a PC. We will consider the descriptions provided in the ‘Properties’ of the unknown device marked by a yellow warning symbol. We will also briefly […]

Dell Inspiron Drivers – How to Update Them?

From time to time, Dell PC users like you are being bothered by unknown device driver related issues. These issues include inability to use the features of a hardware device/computer component, computer hang-ups and freezing, computer instability and drop in performance, and registry/system errors. The reasons for these computer problems may also be device driver […]

USB Port Not Working Windows 7

If you’re one of those PC users who have “USB Port Not Working Windows 7″ trouble, then you definitely would like to know the reasons behind it. We will discuss the most common reason behind problematic USB ports, how to figure out which device is causing your USB port trouble, and the options for fixing […]

My USB Ports are Not Working on My Laptop

There are many PC users who are wondering and are asking the question “why my USB ports are not working on my laptop?” We will consider several of the most common reasons together with some options tried by PC users to fix “USB Ports Not Working” problem. Several Reasons why your Laptop’s USB Ports are […]

USB Ports Not Working – Reasons and Solutions

There are many PC users like you that are being troubled and complaining about “USB ports not working” problem. Well, there are some reasons why your USB Ports are not working, and we will briefly discuss several of these reasons together with some of the solutions tested by PC users out there who experienced having […]

ACPI HPQ0004 Unknown Device

ACPI HPQ0004 Unknown Device is a troublesome hardware device problem being experience by PC users like you. In this article, we will consider how to fix this unknown device trouble by automatic and manual option, and we will also briefly discuss the main functions of an ACPI HPQ0004 device. Automatic Option for Fixing ACPI HPQ0004 […]