ACPI ATK0110 Unknown Device

As defined online, ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) is an open industry specification that enables the Operating System to manage power consumption of each device attached to the computer. While ATK is an acronym for AsusTek, so ATK0110 is an ACPI utility device registered to ASUS, and it serves as an alternate way to access functions such as clock generator and multiplier settings. As an ACPI utility device, it is also concern with voltage, temperature and fan sensors.

You will definitely agree that having a motherboard which supports ACPI specification is a great advantage for your computer, but what if you have a device related issue, specifically an ACPI ATK0110 Unknown Device? What are the dangers of having an Unknown ACPI device? And what are the available options to solve this problem? These are the questions that we are going to discuss.

If a device is registered as unknown in your Device Manager, it will either cause malfunction or it will be unusable at all. Having said that, ACPI ATK0110 unknown device might disable some of the functions of ACPI specification on your computer like hibernation and other features such as audio and graphics quality.

ACPI ATK0110 unknown device is an issue commonly encountered by PC users who have just made some changes to their Operating System, such as upgrade, reinstall or downgrade. The main reason is because changes in OS will definitely erase existing device drivers which will result in lots of hardware devices with missing drivers. Here are two driver update options to be considered:

  • Using motherboard installation CD/backup CD – ACPI devices are mostly system devices, so device drivers are included in the Device and Utilities CD of your motherboard. Keeping it or having a backup CD is an advantage if you perform changes on your OS or if you encounter an unknown device. You need to make sure that your CD supports your current Windows OS. For the step-by-step procedure, check our article “ACPI ATK0110 Driver Download.”
  • Download online – you can also download device drivers (.exe or .zip), but make sure to download only from the official website of your manufacturer. For example: the official website for downloading device drivers for ATK0110 is From this page, select “Download” as your task and you will be redirected to the page with download options. You can choose:

    • Option 1 – it’s a function that will require you to install the add-on “ASUS Navigation Wizard” which will automatically detect your model, and direct you to the appropriate download page.
    • Option 2 – will allow PC users to search device drivers using their full or partial model name.
    • Option 3 – will allow you to find your model using the product type and product series.

Another option that you can consider is to use a sophisticated driver update software which will automate the process of searching and downloading device drivers online. We recommend Driver Detective as a reliable solution, not only for ACPI ATK0110 unknown device, but for all device driver related issues. Some of the key benefits of this tool are time and energy you will be saving, and the fact that you will be spared from the risk of downloading incompatible and wrong drivers.

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