Have you experienced a problem with Unknown Device and/or Other Devices: Yellow Question or Exclamation Mark in your PC’s Device Manager? If so, then you are in the right place to find a solution for it.

Fix Unknown Device

To assist you better, we have developed “Unknown Device Troubleshooting Guide.” Below are the four main reasons/causes of why unknown device problems in Device Manager may occur. If you recognize yours, then just follow the corresponding link below to learn more about corrective measures:

Every month there are new unknown device related problems experienced by PC users; for that reason, we have decided to visit many online forums and provide our visitors with our findings, which will include specific problems experienced by ordinary PC users and steps they undertook to fix these problems. This research will be available in the new section of our site entitled Unknown Device Report.

The worst hardware problems are the ones, but very seldom, where you end up having defective hardware component or device.

On the other hand, the most common causes, including the four mentioned above, are due to missing, incompatible, or corrupted device/hardware drivers! This can happen after a fresh install or upgrade of your operating system, but it can also happen all of a sudden due to a corrupted driver.

The easiest and safest way to fix this problem is to use a sophisticated driver update/fix tool. A perfect example of such a tool is Driver Detective, a product of PC Drivers Headquarters (Microsoft Certified Partner). You can run Free Instant Driver Scan (Highly Recommended) to find out if your computer is impacted by the most common causes for the Unknown Device, missing or corrupted driver(s), and at the same time you will inspect all drivers on your PC to see whether they are up to date.

If you would like to learn more about possible causes and solutions for fixing unknown device problems please read our informative article: Unknown Device in Device Manager – Causes and Solutions.

DriverDetective Key Benefits:

  • Super User Friendly – No need to have knowledge of computer troubleshooting because DriverDetective automates everything, including scanning, repairing, and driver downloading.
  • Quick and Effective – It will take less than two minutes for DriverDetective to scan and recommend the correct drivers.
  • Very Practical – Saves energy from long hours of manual searching and spares computer users from spending more money on computer technician services.

DriverDetective solves driver related Unknown Device problems; it also provides a Free Driver Scan for your computer to let you experience it firsthand and find out if you indeed have corrupted, missing, and/or outdated drivers. You can see a fraction of the Driver Detective scan results here:

Unknown Device Drivers Results

If you would like to learn more about unknown device driver download and the risks involved with an online search and download, please read the article entitled: Unknown Device Driver Download (.exe or .zip) – Manual and Instant.

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